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Name: Irving Braxiatel
Canon: Gallifrey/Bernice Summerfield
Age: Over a thousand/apparently fifties/sixties
Timeline: Bernice Summerfield: In Living Memory
If playing another character from the same canon, how will you deal with this?: n/a

Personality: He's a man who likes control and goes to great lengths to get it. Less by the application of force, however, and more through listening to others and getting them to trust him. He gives off this 'never hurried' energy that people respond to. You come to him because he's capable of clear thought even in the midst of a crisis and his calm nature even makes you feel as if the dire straits were not quite as dire as you first imagined them to be. He has gift for helping people focus that extends beyond the pure acquisition of power, but helps him to teach others. His influence tends to improve people's lives rather than bring them down, though he has been known to destroy people too. Those who fall into the latter category do have to do something to earn his ire and usually are far more ruthless than he.

This is also the reason he's a collector. Where some get into collecting simply because he's a man of greed, competitive nature and means, Irving isn't greedy at all (though he's certainly got the other traits in spades). He collects not out of a desire to have anything but more out of a fear that culture, of any kind, could be lost. He simply doesn't trust others to take the proper care, so takes it upon himself to do it.

This is such a part of his personality that he would consider his friends as part of his collection. In his mind, this means he values those people, though he's aware that people tend to view this as unhealthy possessiveness, not to mention arrogance, when they consider that he never consults people on his over-arching plans. But that doesn't mean he doesn't value people's freedoms. He only really intervenes if he is desperate or feels that someone may hurt or kill others.

That said, he doesn't necessarily play things safe. If he feels the 'prize' is valuable enough, he'll gamble whatever it takes (occasionally including lives) to secure it. His remarkable self control enables him to keep a perfect poker face and his skills with numbers often help him win. This side of him tends to emerge when he has little to no resources and thus little to lose.

He does have his frivolous side, often greeting any given situation with a certain kind of black humour and he delights in his work. He enjoys new experiences and likes nothing better than a glass of fine wine, a good meal and company to tell tall tales to. He knows how to dance, reads pulpy novels when he's in the mood and plays table tennis and other games.

Background: History is a complicated matter for any off-world Time Lord and Irving Braxiatel is not only not the exception, but a remarkable example. In the construction of the Braxiatel Collection and in furtherance of his goals, he has frequently criss-crossed throughout his own Time Line and it is not even clear if these Braxiatels are even from the one universe.

From what we know, he was born on Gallifrey, and it is hinted and generally agreed (albeit never definitively) that he is the Doctor’s brother. Which would make him a Lungbarrow and a Prydonian.

He was a diligent student at the Academy, behaving utterly perfectly to what he viewed as the most perfect Time Lord, as he dreamed of leaving Gallifrey and reasoned that he could only serve as an ‘ambassador’ if he completely fulfilled their expectations of what a representative should be. This, however, alienated him from his fellow students and he earned the nickname of ‘The Icicle.’

It is not clear in which order this happened, but it is implied that he did achieve, at least unofficially, the position of ambassador, and it was under this title that he began to found and form the Collection.

During Romanadvoratrelundar’s tutelage at the Academy, Braxiatel was her tutor and bonding with her, fell in love. Unfortunately, an Ancient Power, Pandora, attempted to seize control of the young Time Lady and Braxiatel was forced to bring in one of his older selves to hypnotise her to forget the incident and, as a result, his relationship with her. She would no longer remember him.

He was devastated and somewhat fearful when the White Guardian whisked Romana out of his reach, but continued to gain power both on and off world.

When Romana returned, he positioned himself as her advisor and encouraged her to become President, his feelings for her had not changed. He worked very hard to be her support, particularly in light of the various crises and the idea of bringing aliens into the Academy, a policy that brought strong opposition from the more conservative element, an element that was tainted by the resurgence of the Pandora creature, determined to resume her attempt to control Romana and, through her, the Presidency.

Pandora and her cohort, Darkel, were unprepared, not only for Romana’s sheer bullheadedness, but also Braxiatel’s machinations. Braxiatel, in what only could be described as sheer martyrdom, took the past and present parts of Pandora in his own mind and then later used that to prompt Darkel’s own ambitions to kill her.

He still had a piece of Pandora in his mind, which meant he couldn’t stay on Gallifrey and, as dramatic as he came, he left.

While he was gone, Gallifrey descended to a plague. Though he could not return to help, he sought answers abroad, eventually finding a cure, of sorts, but that cure came at an awful price: his prized Collection.

And even though he made the deal, he was aware of another drawback: the cure would rob the Time Lords of their ability to regenerate. Romana decided that this was insufficient so Braxiatel took them to the Axis: a intersection of multiple ‘dead-end’ Gallifreys - Gallifreys whose timelines end in disaster and were cut off.

During this search, they came upon a world where the Doctor, rather than leaving Gallifrey and exploring the universe, remained and became Lord Burner - the president’s personal assassin. The target? Irving Braxiatel.

They fought and fell into a portal, lost to Romana and the others, where the Doctor and Braxiatel got separated and Irving Braxiatel met Professor Bernice Summerfield for (his) first time.

Finding himself in a hostile universe where he had to fear not only bounty hunters but their true target: Irving Braxiatel of the Braxiatel Collection who had turned into a unforgiving tyrant.

Realising that the only one who could help him was Professor Summerfield, he got into contact with her and told her to met him, and her son, Peter, on Legion, where, after rescuing Peter from a slave camp, they set up shop as a Bar owner and in Peter’s case, Legion’s sheriff.

When a old enemy from Bernice's (and the other Braxiatel's past), Avril Fenmen, comes back, she, unwisely, removed Pandora from his brain, in order to send it into the Other Braxiatel's mind, to drive the unprepared Braxiatel sufficiently mad to be the psychotic that Benny feared. Doing so, however, released the Braxiatel before her and he was able to kill her and protect Benny and their friends.

Bernice overcame her initial distrust and anger and helped Irving escape from some bounty hunters, only to be captured by the Epoch.

The Epoch, who had had dealings with Bernice before, was less interested in Irving than Benny and wished to take her out of reality, putting them into a constructed reality of their own with their memories wiped.

Another Benny who’d timeline had split from Bernice’s, arrived and helped them overcome the Epoch, giving her own life in doing so.

Irving, Bernice, Ruth, Jack and Peter were left with a magnificent opportunity: to use the Epoch’s base to get all they wanted: including Irving’s desire to return to Gallifrey.

Abilities: Time Lord abilities. For Irving in particular, he seems to be able to keep a similar appearance in his regenerations, he is also capable of hypnosis and has a supreme ability to partition his mind, trapping anyone who might invade.
First Person: [There is a well groomed man with a faint smile on his face. He looks pretty relaxed to the layman, though there are faint lines of strain just barely visible.] Well, good afternoon.

[His voice is rich and smooth, even calming.] It seems I shall be joining you all for the foreseeable. [Even though he'd rather not.] I hope that's not too much trouble. [There's a pause there, quiet and somewhat regretful.

It vanishes with the next line as his smile broadens. Acceptance with an inch of humour.
] I suppose if I'm going to stay you might as well give me the run down. Any of the local hotspots? Points of interest?

Third Person:

Irving Braxiatel sat down on a bench, thoroughly bloody fed up by now. He was known, if he was known at all, for his seemingly endless patience but that patience had its limits, even though he never allowed anyone else to see it. 

A part of him sincerely believed that all that had happened to him. The violence, the heartsbreak, the pain and the suffering was well deserved. Another part believed that it wasn't a matter of deserving or not deserving it happened and that was that and he should just get over himself. He was not the only or the first to suffer from the unforgiving universe, nor the one who suffered the most from it. And most of them didn't deserve so much as a bad cold let alone that. 

'Deserving' was for children struggling to deal with a crushing sense of ennui that would never truly go away, even if they were among those who refused to let it get to them, even on their death bed. 

Braxiatel hadn't been a child for such a long time and couldn't conceivably return to such a state, even if he wished to.

But aside from such pointless struggles with himself, there was another part. The part of him that didn't want to struggle. Who wanted to stop the lies (even the I'm ok lie or perhaps especially the I'm ok lie) and just... not even die, allow the universe to overtake him. 

But of course, that wasn't rare either. And Braxiatel had things to do and people to take care of. His only light really, was taking care of people. The only reason he deserved anything good was being a caring man. 

Just a shame, really that being a caring man stood so in opposition to what the universe really was. He heard the clatter of feet and stood up, doing his very best, and mostly succeeding, not to seem like an old, rickety man as he did so.

"Ah, hello," he greeted, with a warm, twinkling smile.


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