Dec. 13th, 2013

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A darkened picture of the bottom of Miles Richardson's face behind an old-style radio microphone, with 'Asgard Audio Service' written in front of it.
The Asgard Audio Service (AAS) is situated in the Freyr District in a restored radio station. Its purpose is to entertain, inform and bring the community, Traveller, God and native alike together, with news, music and advertisements for the various other businesses in the area.

The interior is spotless and well-designed despite the fact that underneath there's a few patchwork jobs done. Some of the more active pieces of equipment is only understandable by a unique understanding of physics, despite the fact that its work is no more advanced that what you would find in any other radio station. In fact, it looks slightly older, both out of necessity (given the equipment scrounged up from electronic shops) and aesthetic (because Irving has an appreciation for the hey day of radio).

The Staff

Head of AAS: Irving Braxiatel (calm, easy going and seeming to have ulterior motives, will be keeping a very close eye on proceedings.)
Co-Head of AAS: Romanadvoratrelundar (any mistakes regarding Romana actually being charge is only natural and quickly forgiven.)

News Reporter: River Song
Intern(s): (Up to three) (Will take over if the News Reporter gets sick, will go out and find stories for News Reporter to follow up on, will do 'Vox Pops')

Weather Person: Vislor Turlough

Other: David Sprite - Late Night Show with Music
Ril Sorrin - Music With Vocals
Maglor - Music With Harp
Merlin - Teaching Council Advisory (once a week)
Effie Trinket - TBD.
Puss oƃɐɥʇɹɐɯ - Story Time

(YOU tell ME. Fancy singing/playing/audio acting? Have a comedy show? A chat show? Be a psychic medium and play with cards? Anything to fill up air time!)

Fancy a job? Here's a handy textbox for you!

And fancy having your business advertised? Here's another one!

OOC Notes: So how's this going to work OOC? Well, at first, radios are going to appear in the Welcome Halls to broadcast it, for a start and Irving will have discussed it with the natives so they're likely to have some for sale. Then I will put up a post in [community profile] asgardeventide and that will serve as a masterpost for the other shows on the station. This will repeat as needed. (We don't want to fill up reading pages, so try to keep a balance between overfilling and letting the older posts die.)


becauseichooseto: miles richardson holding up a nice cup of tea and smiling cheekily (Default)
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