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OOC Information:
Name; Claire
Personal Journal; diabolicalfiend
Other Characters; n/a
Activity proof; n/a

IC Information;
Character Name; Irving Braxiatel
Canon; Doctor Who Expanded Universe
Canon Point; Bernice Summerfield: Legion
Age; Approximately a millennium likely more.

House; Freya
Power: Bardic Influence

Personality; "I never forget for one moment what I am: a collector." - Irving Braxiatel.

Braxiatel comes off an exemplary example of a Time Lord: cold and distant, perpetually amused with the actions of the lesser species but never a part of it. This, while not quite a lie, is not exactly true. As a child in the Time Lord Academy, Brax was given the nickname 'The Icicle', because he was effectively shut off from the high, arguably abusive demands that the Academy placed on him. Rather than join in in the rat race of student life, he simply studied and it paid off, unlike his brother he made it through with several Firsts and graduated with prestige. Like his brother, however, he desperately wanted off and so shaped himself into being The Perfect Time Lord, someone so ideal as a representative of Gallifrey that naturally, they would make him one. And they did, making him Gallifrey's Ambassador.

The fact of the matter is that 'The Icicle', while an extremely useful persona, is also a carefully and deliberately constructed persona. It has, as most of our own personas have, become a part of him, but it is by no means all of him. It comes out when he's defensive or when he disapproves of someone or thing. He does not suffer fools gladly.

But what he considers a fool is not what even his own people might consider a fool. To Brax, a fool is not someone with a low IQ or few book smarts, but someone who doesn't appreciate life or beauty or is utterly selfish or ignorant. To him, people like Gower, Arkadian and (sometimes) Narvin are fools because they have no concept of the lives they are hurting for their own benefit or, worse, don't care. They see their own ambitions, nothing more. Whereas Leela, despite being dismissed by the majority of his race as 'Andred's/Romana's pet savage', is held highly in his regard. Even as Narvin grows to become a man of principal rather than merely the Coordinator of the CIA, Braxiatel's respect for him grows, despite continuing to spat with him.

When with people he doesn't consider fools, he is curious and interested in their lives and willing to put himself out for them, even if he still, for his own safety (and possibly habit), can come off as cool about it.

He will also go to great lengths, putting aside anything resembling self-preservation for others. Most especially the woman with whom he's been in love with since a tutor in the academy: Romanadvoratrelundar. Romana was a bright, gifted student who had been isolated and even given a similar nickname to him: the Ice Maiden and, despite never acting on it, Brax grew to be completely besotted by her.

Whatever chance he might have had with her was crushed by Pandora, an ancient Time Lord, divest of her body, hoping to use the Impermateur that she had implanted in the Dvora line (Romana's ancestry) to claim Romana for herself. Braxiatel, finding this out, used an Elder Self with great powers in hypnotism to make her forget Pandora, and by extension, him, in order to preserve her.

His intention was to maintain a distant eye upon her but that was also interrupted, this time by the Doctor and the White Guardian.

His sacrifice was never even noticed until Pandora reemerged centuries later when Romana had become President of Gallifrey. Feeding on the population's ambition, she consumed it and left them killed. Rather than risk Romana's sense of self, he took Pandora into himself, sealing her away in his mind. As a result, he risked his sanity, his life, lost his title and was exiled from Gallifrey.

Even as all this happened, people, including Romana, didn't have a clue of his plans. They blamed him for his secrecy, his duplicitousness and didn't see he was trying to protect them. And Braxiatel didn't defend himself, merely getting on with his plans, come hell or high water.

He doesn't particularly consider himself a martyr, in fact, he considers such thinking needlessly self-indulgent. He sees that his not getting whatever credit he might deserve as just: he has done horrendous things and he should be called out and fought against. It won't stop him because the horrible things he's done was in service of Gallifrey and Gallifrey is about to be destroyed in the Time War (which he has knowledge of thanks to his future selves).

He's the type of man who puts people in place who'll do what he needs them to do, but they're not pawns to him. He feels directly responsible for all the things he does to them and regrets any pain he causes. If the stakes weren't so high, he'd just as soon not hurt anyone at all. But 'needs must'.

Network Sample; [A tall man with intense blue eyes and a hint of a smirk peeking through his mouth.] Good afternoon. Irving Braxiatel. [It almost seems as if there were something to be said here. But whatever it is, it's gone.] It would seem that I am to be a… guest here. [He smiles again, as if the 'guest' was very funny.] I would appreciate a tour guide, if that's not inconvenient. Nothing like getting the lay of the land from an experienced hand. [He raises his eyebrows.] I'm looking forward to getting to know you all.

Log Sample; Braxiatel was distinctly displeased. His favoured status in this world didn't exactly make up for being ousted from his reasonably comfortable (if admittedly fraught) life on Legion. What was he going to do, set up another pub?

Oh, he's starting to mope now, isn't he? He shook his head. If he is going to end up setting up another pub, then why not? If he's going to start up another Collection then why not? No so-called Higher Order Being is going to bring Irving Braxiatel down.

He needed more information about this place. Why people were turning grey and why his presence along with his fellow guests were somehow effective in reversing this phenomenon. Or even if they are, given that he was assuming he could even trust his kidnappers were telling the truth.


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