Voice - Day 356

Date: 2013-11-14 07:49 pm (UTC)
utopianist: (time ✿ has always been our dance partner)
From: [personal profile] utopianist
[ He responded so that was a start. ]

About what was said, I can't take it back. And I realize some of it was out of line. It wasn't my intention to try and bring about a form government to Asgard. The last thing anyone would want is to see that here. [ She pauses to take a small breath, as if collecting her thoughts. ] But, that is what it sounded like. I know. And I am sorry for making it sound like I was belittling both you and the Doctors. With all that has come to pass, nearly loosing our home yet again before arriving here, I only want to do what I can to look after all of us. If I am never to return home then I want to be sure that I can do all that I can to avoid anything that might happen to lose someone I hold dear.

Even though I have completely messed all of that up of course. [ The sudden bitterness in her tone was aimed at herself. Having so narrowly avoided losing Gallifrey to the Daleks and the slow recovery from the Dogma Virus has made her painfully aware of how easily it could be to lose anymore friends. ]
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